Food and Photographs (do we know life ?)

Everyone of us is up for finding the answers to these questions about our lives. WHAT IS THE MOTTO OF OUR LIFE ? ARE WE ON THE RIGHT PATH ? maybe we wont find answers to these question as we grow up or maybe we will.. as early as possible. Our life is just like a pro camera like it captures everything.. like it focuses only on the things that are necessary to focus on. Sometimes it even gives blur images and when the focus is just not correct. Same as these cameras we even focus on several things that arent important but believe me theres a difference between our lives and a camera i.e a camera never has got a quality to learn by those mistakes.. but our lives have got this brilliant technique to learn, to refocus. Our life is just like a cricket match.. without any rules. Where the batsman never loses. Many balls would get delivered and maybe we miss those shots.. but worry not.. there are many more balls to be coming. Never lose hopes. What life has planned for you is sheerly too big that it thinks you need to grow a bit more to handle that success. So grow. So hustle. Be brave like an elephant. Live life.. King size.

Life is just a twisty treat that we ll never know. Sometimes it ll give us pizzas with extra cheese and toppings and sometimes it ll give you a grilled sandwich thats burnt and you wont be prepared to eat it. 
I know its stupid to relate life with food and cameras but thata what i love in my life. Cameras and food. Thats what gives me a clue about what life demands and what it actually is. You just need to see positive and good things everywhere neglecting the bad and negative ones. Thats how you may know what your life is made up of.. who knows your life is even made of food and photographs that you love at the top of your world. 


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