This one lady. She went for an appointment with the doctor. When she got to know she was going to make a baby come to this enormous and gigantic world.. but there was half of the world even she hasn’t seen yet. Yet she was happy just because for the half world she compromised she got another and a different world to live for. When she reached her home taking an Uber to her place. Everyone.. her husband.. her mother in law.. and her parents were expecting a news. When she calmly said ‘ I M GOING TO HAVE A BABY’. Everyone went into tremendous happiness.. cheered.. congratulated her.

DAY 2 

Everyone woke up in a happy mood.. like everyday the family indulged into a morning pooja.. but it wasn’t that normal this day. Everyone prayed for the baby this day and the prayers were ” WE ARE WAITING FOR A BABY BOY PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR PRAYER GOD”. when at the breakfast the lady asked ‘what if it will be a girl ?’ and the people replied ‘dont be sick, its going to be a boy for sure. The god has listened to our prayers and he wont betray us.’ The lady felt sad over this reply and thought ‘ is giving birth to a girl a crime ? when the person who gave us birth was a lady.. Is it a crime ? coz she is a lady who serves us with good food when we reach at our place after a hectic job day. If not then why is this happening ?’

Days later.

The lady was at the hospital when all the doctors were into making that birth successful. suddenly that red bulb was switched off and a voice came to the family waiting outside. Voice of the senior doctor uttered ‘ congratulations we were successful and god has been clement on you. He gave you a girl.’ and the family went into shock. 

But she was born. They named her VISHAKHA. The name means ‘A star’ and she was like a star. She grew up to be 12. She was good at studies. She did everything to make her mom and dad proud. She was a marvelous girl. albeit she had every marvel residing in her, One night when she got late at her friend’s house she was taking her way back to her place.. she was brutally molested by a few vicious creatures that she went half life and was taken to hospital. When doctors said ‘she is safe from danger but she can not give birth to a baby’ a lady there cried at first coz she knew what a girl actually is. Those criminals were given death sentence but what about this beautuful girl Vishakha who lived to fulfill her dreams. She was kind.. they said god has been clement. Then why she got caught into this ?. Since the days she was in the womb. She was cursed by the family.. when she was born.. people challenged her and treated her with disgrace. No one knew the reason why. Just Vishakha’s mother knew it. 
THIS WAS THAT HALF WORLD THAT SHE NEVER TRAVELLED. SHE CRIED IN PAIN. ‘She still prayed for a peaceful and a world filled with light where no darkness resides.’ Will god show mercy this time ?

P.S. – Are we this brutal ? Is man not having lady in his life to respect ? Is it necessary to destroy someone to the core just because we can not get our lust into control that they can not recover ever ? Ask yourself. Maybe you ll find an answer in your own mind and heart. 
Coz we are meant to set this world on peace, not off peace. Respect girl.. She can be good at knowledge like goddess Saraswati. She can get you lucky like goddess laxmi. She can be calm like goddess Parawati and if you go brutal, if you go cold-blooded.. she can have rage like goddess Kali and above all.. God stands with them.. and he is rising.


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