Those days i still remember when by the footpaths people walked from the morning till the evening and then suddenly the rush started to disappear. This was about everyday.. but this day was a bit different. People were coming there even at the nights and slowly as the time passed.. we found some companions to us.. even they were becoming like what we were. HOMELESS. We lived at the corner of this street. Opposite to us was this huge structure that we used to call CONCRETE. You know what? there was a restaurant on the ground floor with a old man’s statue sitting on a bench. Everyday there used to come people driving their four wheels and driving themselves nuts. they used to spend too many bucks for their sliders and fries to eat but no one looked at us sitting right at another corner of the footpaths just longing for one time meal a day. We did feel down and low sometimes. Rich ones even were coercive sometimes. Where they didnt realise there inside us resides the god and ‘WE WERE NOT BEGGERS. WE WERE JUST HOMELESS’.

Then there came a party popper when we sat at the same place and a person came holding a big bag and distributed packets to me and my companions. We felt gaiety but somewhere we felt weak coz we werent able to earn our own living. People came,gave us somethings to eat and at times provided us with money. They used to talk all day on there cellphones. Used to type all day for the sake of their instant messengers when the notification sounds popped up. ‘They were becoming richer and richer each day and we were same as before’.

Then we realised what are they living for ? those phonecalls and instant messengers ? party at the restaurant ? Movies at the theatres ? ‘WHATEVER THEY LIVED FOR,THEY LIVED FOR HECK’ coz somewhere in the middle of all these things they lived for themselves truly madly deeply in heck and we even by residing on the footpaths got connected to the nature and knew how to survive. Soon the time will come when we will be valuables as to we didnt destroy and they will be destroyers. They never got what beauty is and they never will.


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