I Do,I Do,I Do.

I wish for a time when you will be done..

When you would see me as the one.

A time i wish for you would see..

No other thing except finding me.

I will be there at your place..

When all we do is to look at eachother’s face.

We would express or we may not..

All you would look at the flowers that i bought.

A bouquet as beautiful as you..

A common odour shared too.

Slow like a snail the time may pass..

When we become eachother’s stars.

But that wont be all to live by..

My shoulder ll be there whenever you gotta cry.

Your tears will be absorbed by my scarf..

I will tickle you to make you laugh.

Yeah we will travel the world my little hodophile..

When we fall in love and let the happiness fill.

Rings will be exchanged,lives shared..

We stand strong together when people stared.

People standing making a huge crew..

When all we both say is ‘ I DO,I DO,I DO’.


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