The Paradox.

This is the paradox of us humans that we have broad streetways.. 

but narrower mindsets.

We have strict laws but even more criminals.

We have much to eat..

but most of us are hungry for something else.

We have brighter hues n lights.. 

but we can’t enlighten someone’s life.

We have enough of everything.. 

but are still asking for more.

We have more of navigation satellites..

but we can’t guide our own lives.

We have big vehicles.. 

but still dont wanna go somewhere.

We have a lot to share.. 

but still we can’t trust anyone.

We have lots of people who love us.. 

but we are still after the ones who don’t even look at us.

We have lots of AI around us.. 

but we are not intellegent anymore.

We have much of time to earn money.. 

but no time to give the earnings to someone who is in need.

We can pay people by black under the table.. 

but can’t give even a single penny to a begger.

We live into ourselves.. 

but still dying each day.

Its our time.. 

its us humans.


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